Augmented Reality

Seminar & Workshop: To Be Announced

Seminar: 5:00-6:30pm, April 6, 2018
Workshop: 10:00am-5:00pm, April 7, 2018

This is perhaps our most experimental event in terms of “distance” from journalistic practice. Augmented reality (AR) provides a view of an event or phenomenon that is enhanced, “augmented,” with computer-generated elements, perhaps responding to sensor input (sound, video of the event, GPS coordinates) or triggers computed through computer vision tools operating on the scene. A mobile device like a phone or a tablet are often the viewing portal for the augmented scene. At Brown our major test case is a grant from this year that provides an overlay of a 1980s video collection atop a phone-based viewing of neighborhoods in Greenwich Village. The storytelling capacity with AR is enormous, although the toolsets are still a bit hard to use. As with drone photography, the Saturday workshop will involve a field trip to experiment with the tools.